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Improve Japanese with
Essential Phrases
+ Correct Pronunciation

"I think I'm pronouncing it correctly, but it doesn't seem to be getting through…"

The textbook doesn’t have any pronunciation symbols…

You will not learn the correct way to pronounce Japanese in school.

It is difficult to correct accent later if you don’t learn the correct accent from the beginning.

Just by being a little conscious of three tips...

Your pronunciation will sound more natural and beautiful in Japanese, and your impression will improve as well.

Pitch accent

Mouth shape

Devoicing some sounds

Want to Improve Your Pronunciation Instantly?

I will deliver 3 Video Tutorials +
PDF of 20 Must-Know Phrases

By practicing repeatedly, you can also improve your fluency!

About me

Konnichiwa (Hello)!

Thank you for having an interest in learning my language and culture!
I have been teaching Japanese since 2008. I have taught over 1200 students as a part-time lecturer at several tertiary institutions and over 100 students as a private tutor from young children to adult learners.


2012-current: Part-time lecturer at Griffith University
2015-17: Part-time tutor at University of Queensland International Modern Languages (UQ IML)
2008- current: Private tutor at Australia & online
2010-12: Japanese instructor TA a weekend Japanese supplementary school in Australia
2008-2010: Japanese teacher at a Japanese language school in Australia


Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics
Bachelor’s degree in Foreign language and culture (Majored in Japanese language education)
Certificate in Japanese language teaching competency test


Playing piano (practicing Ghibli songs)
Reading manga and watching anime with my son

Do you have any of these concerns?

Most teachers focus on teaching grammar points but don't teach how to sound more natural...

If you study from writings and grammar without receiving pronunciation instruction from the beginning, both listening and speaking ability will not develop efficiently.
In addition, if you learn them in a wrong way, fossilization may occur, and it would become more difficult to correct the pronunciation later!

3 video tutorials to learn the tips of Japanese pronunciation

Vowel devoicing

Mouth shape

Pitch accent​

What's Japanese accent? I've never learned about that.

Japanese has high and low accents (pitch accents), but most textbooks don’t cover them. However, they are essential for speaking natural Japanese.

Correct accent marks on the alphabets

Even simple Japanese phrases don't come to mind right away.

By repeatedly listening to and practicing commonly used phrases, they will naturally come to mind. If you pay attention to pronunciation tips, you can start speaking just like a native!

PDF of 20 must know phrases and its video for your practice

Students’ Improvement

If you learn the tips of Japanese pronunciation...

Your communication in Japanese much smoother!

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