Level 1 for Beginner

Level 1 for Beginner

Take your Japanese to the next level!

Course Content

Level 1
Start in July!

Early Bird & Grand Opening Special Price!

US$590 ⇒ US$390

What You Will Learn

After the successful completion of this course, you will be able to…   
   – give a longer self-introduction by saying your name, country / hometown
    – introduce your friends and family
    – ask and answer questions about where you live and your age
    – tell about food you like and dislike
    – order at a restaurant
    – ask what equipment they have at a hotel
    – understand the location of things
    – 20 Kanji words

What’s included

  • 10 live lessons (90 minutes once a week x 10 weeks)
  • Invitation to the Google Classroom to interact with other students and get access to the followings:
    – Video archives to review them at anytime so that you can keep up even if you miss the class
    – Google slides with audio used in the class
    – Weekly homework (including speaking assignments etc) and personal feedback
    – Links for online flashcards of phrases vocabulary (Quizlet etc)
    – Personal feedback on all the homework
    – Ask me questions ANYTIME!

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for people who…
 – have learned hiragana and katakana and basic phrases and know basic phrases but have no confidence to speak
– who has a basic knowledge of Japanese but wants to study it again (false beginner)
– wants to know how to improve pronunciation and sound like Japanese native speakers

Course Information

– Start Date: 11 July, 2023
– Class Time: Tuesdays 9:00am-10:30am JST
Please check the time at your place from here
– Language: Instruction will be given mainly in English
– Schedule: 90 mins weekly x 10 live lessons
– Class Size: 3-6 people per class


You should be able to read hiragana and katakana comfortably at least.
If you have learned before but just have no confidence, you can contact me to find out which course is more suitable for you.
I can send you the hiragana & katakana worksheets beforehand so that you can be ready to join this course.
If you are an absolute beginner, please check the Japanese Level 0 for absolute beginners.

Materials (ALL FREE)

 Irodori Starter A1 Chapter 3-8 (Free online textbook)
 Google slides of the lessons
– PDF sheet for supplement materials
– Flashcards with Quizlet
– Quiz with Kahoot & Google forms etc


US$590→ US$390 (+transaction fee) Early bird & Grand Opening Special Price until 30 June Refunds: No refunds are applicable unless the lesson is canceled due to personal circumstances.

Trial lesson​

If you’ve been contemplating whether to join or not, you can sign up for our exclusive trial lesson and experience firsthand what our Japanese courses have to offer. 

Price: US$50⇒ US$10
Date: 4th July, 2023
Class Time: Tuesday 9am-10:30am JST
Please check the time at your place from here

★ Participation benefits
1. List of self-study websites and apps.
2. Google Slides used for the lesson
3. Link to Quizlet for word flashcards


The schedule doesn’t fit you but you are still interested?
If you’d like to get notified about the class registration opening first, please join the waitlist.

Level 1
Start in July!

Early Bird & Grand Opening Special Price!

US$590 ⇒ US$390


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