About me

About Me

Hi, I’m Maiko

/Japanese teacher

Konnichiwa (Hello)!

I’m Maiko. Thank you for having an interest in learning my language and culture! My encounter with Japanese language education goes back to my high school years… I saved up money from my part-time job and went to Canada for a homestay, as I had a longing for foreign countries. At that time, I was asked about Japanese language and culture, but I didn’t know much and couldn’t answer well, which made me frustrated. At the same time, I rediscovered the goodness of Japan.

This is why I decided to enroll in a university with a program to train Japanese language teachers. I became obsessed with the fascination of Japanese language education. I found studying it truly enjoyable from the bottom of my heart.

After completing a course in Japanese language teaching and passing the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test, I pursued a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics at a graduate school in Australia, as I aspired to teach at a university level.

I was offered positions as a part-time lecturer at two universities in Australia. However, I noticed that students lack confidence in communication although they are working hard to learn grammar and kanji to pass the exam.I was unable to choose textbooks and create a curriculum and I couldn’t support each student properly.

I started teaching privately and tried different textbooks and teaching methods. 

I relearned learner-centered lessons, coaching to keep motivation going, and methods for pronunciation instruction, which are helpful for improving speaking skills. 

I also thought about creating a community where students can help each other. Therefore, I have decided to establish this online school. The name of the school, Yutaka means ‘enrich’ in Japanese. It would be my pleasure to assist you in enriching your life through Japanese language education.



Other than English and Japanese,
I understand Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese a little because I learned Spanish and Chinese before and my husband is from Hong Kong.



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