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Polish Your Japanese Pronunciation to Perfection!

Workshop Content


Special Price!

US$50 ⇒ US$10

Do you have the following concerns?

 “I think I’m pronouncing it correctly, but it doesn’t seem to be getting through…”

 “I always stumble and can’t speak well because of my tongue…”

 “The textbook doesn’t have any pronunciation symbols…”

 “What can I do to become fluent?”

Just by being a little conscious of three tips...

I will teach you a method to improve Japanese pronunciation and create a good impression by simply being aware of pitch accents, your mouth shape and the intonation at the end of a sentence.

What you will learn

  • Characteristics of Japanese pronunciation
  • Practice of the 20 Must-Know phrases and feedback on your pronunciation
  • Tips for naturally pronouncing Japanese quickly
  • Learning methods to quickly improve speaking skills

Participation benefits


1. List of self-study websites and apps.

To improve language skills quickly, it is important to review every day! Since humans tend to forget, it is necessary to review at least three times in two weeks. For those who don’t know how to study or can’t find a suitable method, I have prepared a list of websites and apps that will be helpful for self-study!

2. Google Slides for "Irodori" (online textbook) covering two lessons for group lessons.

I will provide you with two lessons’ worth of slides used in group lessons, one lesson each from Level 0 (absolute beginner) and Level 1 (beginner). This will give you a glimpse of the teaching materials used in my lessons.

3. Link to Quizlet for word flashcards.

I will provide you with a link to Quizlet flashcards that are related to the content of the aforementioned Google Slides. The flashcards include English ⇔ Japanese translations, illustrations, and audio. You can also make a copy and modify the translations to fit your own language.

Students’ Improvement

Workshop Information

  • Date and Time
    TBA (Please contact us)

  • Price
    US$50 ⇒ US$10
    This workshop is targeted towards beginner- to intermediate level participants.

    It may be less challenging for those at an upper intermediate level or above, but if you are aware of this and still wish to proceed, you are welcome to join.


Special Price!

US$50 ⇒ US$10


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