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Japanese private course

1. Set goals

Setting a goal when learning a language is essential for motivation and focus. It provides a clear purpose and direction for your studies, helping you measure progress and manage time.

2. Focus on communication

We focus on communication using natural Japanese that is actually used in daily conversation.

3. Tips for Japanese pronunciation

We will guide you through the process while providing detailed instruction on factors like lip and tongue placement to achieve natural pronunciation.

Have you ever felt like this?​

I've been studying Japanese with YouTube for a while now, but I can't speak it well yet...

Japanese phrases don't come to mind right away.

I feel like I'm not able to pronounce it well...

I used to study Japanese before, but I ended up giving up...

My school teacher focuses mainly on grammar and doesn't really correct pronunciation...

The traditional approach to Japanese language education

The traditional approach to Japanese language education has emphasized grammar, textbook-centric classes, and test-focused learning. Pronunciation instruction has often been limited.

However, this approach is considered monotonous and lacks excitement, making it challenging to maintain students’ motivation. Furthermore, even when starting with grammar and incorporating role-playing using these structures, they may not always be applicable in real-life situations.
Have you encountered similar situations?

Reasons for creating a course focused on natural conversations

Many students are struggling with Speaking

While teaching intermediate classes at a university, I noticed that some students performed well on written tests but became nervous and unable to speak during oral exams.
There were also many students who cannot correctly pronounce simple vocabulary such as ‘Japan,’ ‘Japanese,’ and ‘I’.
Even learners who could pass the business-level JLPT N2 exam sometimes struggled with tasks as basic as ordering in a restaurant.

Focuses more on conversation

Language is a tool for communication! Even if you have the certificate of JLPT N2 proficiency, it holds little value if you can’t communicate with people. This is why I aim to provide a program that focuses more on conversation. It’s the reason I created this course and personally gather students to teach.

3reasons why you should choose our lessons

1. Possess a "Coaching" skill

Coaching is a process that supports individual or team growth and performance improvement. Through interactive dialogue, coaching facilitates aspects such as goal setting, self-discovery, problem-solving, and skill enhancement. 

The purpose of coaching is to unlock a client’s potential, fostering self-efficacy to accomplish their own goals.
Coaching involves techniques such as active listening, questioning, and providing insights to help clients find new perspectives and approaches.

Although most Japanese language teachers have learned methods of language instruction, very few have also studied coaching. I will accompany you on your journey to achieve your goals in the shortest and most efficient way possible!



2. Focus on speaking and communication skills

Rather than using a text that focuses solely on unnatural conversational practice built upon accumulated grammar, we adopt a text that immerses you in everyday situations, helping you acquire natural Japanese while considering common scenarios in daily life.

While learning grammar is undoubtedly important, having knowledge alone is meaningless if you cannot speak.

Language acquisition will occur smoothly if you follow this order; listening-> speaking -> reading -> writing

Yes, it is in the same order as you learned your mother tongue!
In this order, you will be able to communicate faster!

3. A special knowledge to improve your pronunciation and fluency efficiently​

Do you have the confidence to speak immediately in the required situation?
Does anyone check your pronunciation?
Do you know how to articulate the sound and what are the rules of pitch accents?

Most teachers focus on teaching grammar points but don’t teach how to sound more natural.

If you study writing and grammar without receiving pronunciation instruction from the beginning, both listening and speaking abilities will not develop efficiently.
In addition, if you learn them in the wrong way, fossilization may occur, and it would become more difficult to correct the pronunciation later!

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The content of a trial lesson (75 minutes)

1. Goal-setting session (15mins)

 After greetings and self-introduction, I will inquire about your purposes for learning Japanese, short-term goals, and long-term goals.

2. Practice conversation (30mins)

Based on the pre-session questionnaire, I will provide materials suitable for your level so that we can practice using those materials.

3. Feedback and suggestion (10mins):

I will suggest recommended materials and study methods tailored to you.

4. Course overview and questions (20mins)
Question and Answer or FAQ frequently asked questions concepts i

I will propose three different courses, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Your Japanese Coach

Maiko Kuni

(Yutaka Japanese Academy Founder, Current university lecturer)

Konnichiwa (Hello)! Thank you for having an interest in learning my language and culture!

I have been teaching Japanese since 2008. I have taught over 1200 students as a part-time lecturer at several tertiary institutions and over 100 students as a private tutor from young children to adult learners.

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2012-current: Part-time lecturer at Griffith University in Australia
2015-17: Part-time tutor at University of Queensland International Modern Languages (UQ IML)
2008- current: Private tutor in Australia & online
2010-12: Japanese instructor TA a weekend Japanese supplementary school in Australia
2008-2010: Japanese teacher at a Japanese language school in Australia


Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics
Bachelor’s degree in Foreign language and culture (Majored in Japanese language education)
Certificate in Japanese language teaching competency test


Playing piano (practicing Ghibli songs)
Reading manga and watching anime with my son

The Scene of online lessons

All lessons will be conducted online. With the prevalence of online classes today, various interactive tools have become available, and I am incorporating them into my lessons.

I promise to change the perception of learning Japanese from "difficult and boring" to "not too hard and enjoyable!"

If your goal for learning Japanese is more about becoming capable of communication rather than just passing exams, my lessons are suited for you.

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Participation benefits

1.List of self-study websites and apps.

To improve language skills quickly, it is important to review every day! Since humans tend to forget, it is necessary to review at least three times in two weeks. For those who don’t know how to study or can’t find a suitable method, I have prepared a list of websites and apps that will be helpful for self-study!

2.Google slides / materials used in the lesson

This will give you a glimpse of the teaching materials used in my lessons.                        

3. Link to Quizlet for word flashcards.​

I will provide you with a link to Quizlet flashcards that are related to the content of the aforementioned Google Slides. The flashcards include English ⇔ Japanese translations, illustrations, and audio. You can also make a copy and modify the translations to fit your own language.

Including free participation benefits,
I believe that even for a trial lesson,
there is a value of $50 or more.
However, for a limited time, I am offering it for


Hurry! Only a few spots are available!
I will temporarily pause recruitment as soon as all available time slots are filled. Save your spot for the trial lesson NOW!

What Students Say

Mask group-1
Perfect! I'm so glad I came across Maiko's profile! She is a very knowledgable and structured teacher. Every lesson is planned ahead of time so we can jump right into it and progress exactly like what was outlined in our goals. She is also very friendly and supportive. Since she is teaching me Japanese we usually get sidetracked with discussions of Japan & Japanese customs (which is great!) but she always makes sure to redirect us back to the lesson yet makes sure it is fun and interesting.
/ Personal Trainer
Mask group
Maiko Sensei is probably the best Japanese teacher you can come across. She’s so experienced - she is currently teaching in university and knows how to help you improve, regardless of your current level! Do yourself a favour and start this breakthrough in learning with her.
/ High School Teacher
Mask group-2
Maiko is a great teacher!! She is very patient and attentive, and understands my strengths and weaknesses as a student. It is very fun to learn with her, and she is very knowledgeable about the cultural contexts involved with the language, which means I learn a lot more than just words and grammar!
/ IT Specialist
Maiko Sensei is punctual, very patient and educated in her field. She teaches according to my ability to learn, always explaining the concepts thoroughly before moving on, never rushing ahead of me. Every lesson is well prepared, organised, and of course, engaging and fun. I not only learn Japanese language but Japanese culture and history as well. Her tuition fee is great value for the amount of effort and care she provides.
/ University student

Apply for our Trial Lesson Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Google meet for the trial lesson (I will send you the link on the day before the trial lessons).
Skype for regular lessons due to the convenience of keeping lists of vocabularies and sending the recording file and materials.

When applying, there is a section to write about your learning history and goals. Based on that information, I will select topics and online materials suitable for your level.

I am available for lessons between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Japan Time Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Saturday.

Unlock Fluent Japanese Conversations

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